Bookskept accounting software

v0.1 ready for download

The client is now complete and stable, with a full UI as well as processing of the Internet banking input files and uploading to the server.

It is now ready for download via an installable package in the download section. To get the server module up and running in this preliminary stage, you may have to do some hacking via svn and compilation.

As for the roadmap, v0.2 plans a first decent server implementation, as well as some minor enhancements in the client area.

We're fully functional in the tray now

... or at least, the client application is. Automatically looking for files, steered by options, converting one bank's file format into XML already.

For now, no packages in the download section yet, so you'll have to get it from subversion and compile it yourself.


It started with... an accounting application for my family in Access. Read how Bookskept emerged in the Frequently asked questions section.

Site released

Welcome to the new website for Bookskept... enjoy it!